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Highly flexible cable production elements which

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    Increased demand for cable also led to the development of cable industry, high flexible cable is a kind of cable, the industry comprehensive requirements of high, different functions, the use of different occasions, the corresponding requirements of the production cable elements will have Different, people may only know the cable, do not know the cable has a high flexible cable this, then the production of highly flexible cable elements less known, then, Xiaobian will talk about the production of high flexible cable Elements, hope to say so after you help.

    Highly flexible cable production factors:

    Performance of the comprehensive: high flexibility of the cable structure design, production needs according to the different uses of the product, the use of requirements, the installation environment for the comprehensive consideration of electrical energy, electrical performance, including electrical performance, insulation performance, transmission characteristics of these areas, But also need to consider the mechanical and physical properties, aging, etc., in considering the factors, involving a lot of knowledge and need electroplating, metallurgy, metal processing, polymer materials and other comprehensive knowledge of the auxiliary.

    Wide range of applications: Highly flexible cables include towline cables for transmission power, flexible cables with robotic arm cables, RS485 cables for transmitting information, and dedicated cables for control, aerospace, automotive And other occasions. Visible high flexible cable is widely used in different occasions, the occasion of the different materials used in the cable is also different.

    The use of materials: the use of flexible materials used in the material according to the classification of metal materials, fiber materials, paint, paint, rubber, plastic, gas materials and inorganic materials, these materials are high flexible cable manufacturing The progress also reflects the development of the cable manufacturing industry.

    Continuity: highly flexible cable is from the inner to the outer concentric structure, so in the production time can only be carried out from the inside to the outside, the order between the various processes can not be reversed.

    In addition to the above, there are several special factors, the quality of the strict requirements of two aspects, from the cable itself, the special structure, the cable is about everyone's life, production safety so the cable should be selected according to different occasions Different products, in the choice of cable products should also be strict quality requirements.

24 06

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